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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Earn Online With GoldClub50 Or GoldClubPro

(for 500 pesos investment)

√ Would you like extra income?

√ Like to earn more but not enough time to do it? 

√ Would you like to earn with just a very small amount as investment?

Your 50 pesos ($1.25) can earn you loads of cash! How about P5,592,400.00 in 10 weeks*?

** even international members are welcome
(Pay thru  Western Union, Solid Trust Pay(STP), and Liberty Reserve(LR)
:accounts here:

Products include a huge library of useful resources. No need to sell, just invite at least 4 friends to sign up.
"Just get a minimum of 4 of your friends, and be financially FREE!!!"
  It's time for a change. Time for a revolution.  Time to change the way you earn online!

It's stunningly 
SIMPLE! yet incredibly POWERFUL! and better yet, it is amazingly AFFORDABLE!

GOLDCLUB50 pays weekly!!
You will receive your earnings through Gcash, Smart Money, BPI, BDO, UnionBank EON and (for international) Paypal Accounts.


It is based on a 4x10 Forced matrix,

With the 4x10 matrix, we are all connected  up to 10th Level!
Simply look for four(4) friends to join this new business via your GoldClub50 member link.

Ok, let's say you don't really do well... in all your efforts you are only able to refer four (4) people... and just the same, your four(4) friends are only able to invite/ refer four(4) people... and each member just gets four(4) people to refer.. and repeatedly the referrals are only 4 for each member signed up up to the 10th level...  here's the potential income .....


Whoa! How so? Your 50 pesos can earn you 5 Million? Let's look at your matrix...

Matrix of Possible Earnings in the Power of 4

Once each member pays 50 pesos, his/her membership gets in to the 4x10 forced matrix.

Each slot has an earning potential of P5,592,400.

We earn thru:


Which means, not only do we earn from our own referrals but also from the referrals of our referred friends!
Here at GC50, there is no limit. You can opt to get as many slots as you can, truly unlimited!


Once you join, you are just required to refer 4 active people as your downline.
Important: Every member must have at least 4 direct referrals. Simply encourage each member to do so, it's easy!
The Power of 4.
Supposing that everyone only gets 4 people their first week and duplicates...

Week 1 - Level 1 - You get your 4, you earn P16.00
Week 2 - Level 2 - Your 4 get their 4.  total 16, you earn P64.00
Week 3 - Level 3  -Your 16 get their 4. total 64, you earn P256.00
Week 4 - Level 4  - Your 64 get their 4. total 256, you earn P1,024.00
Week 5 - Level 5 - P4,096.00
Week 6 - Level 6 -P16,384.00
*Add to that the people from the prior weeks rolling to the following weeks
So when Week 10 comes -  Level 10 - P4,194,304

Your Total Accumulated Income P 5,592,400
Not bad for a one time entry of Php50 program
What if you were able to refer more than 4 active members? * then you would earn possibly much more!
Don't wait, time is precious,

My personal note 
** When you join, no payment is required yet. You can do that later. Just be sure to upgrade as soon as possible before you share your link in order that your downlines will be credited to you.

** To upgrade, Pay 50 pesos via any Payment Mode most convenient for you:
**As soon as you've signed up, read the following from the Gold Club50 Site:

 *** For members from abroad, yes, you are welcome to join! 

Just sign up then upgrade by sending payment via SolidTrustPay to GC50Admin Joseph Ligad  The exchange rate is $1.25 = Php50 
:accounts here:

** Lastly, when you sign up under me, I will message/ email you all the info you need. Happy Earning! =)

**** Join our Facebook Page for quick info! 


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